Liberals: America’s idiots United

Every empire in history eventually fails. It’s a proven fact. However, the reasons for this are varied and often will put paranoid schizophrenic insomniacs into a sound slumber in their descriptions. Why? Because most professors like to use big words to hide the fact they’re mostly just guessing.

In college, I once mentioned another factor that the Roman Empire fell due to a succession of weak rulers. I got a B on this test(A in the course though)because it wasn’t considered a main factor like the others. This was in 1988…fast forward to today and it’s considered the leading reason behind it’s fall. Madmen, idiots, megalomaniacs and just plain useless leaders one after another.

Another factor and one I’ve noticed in every empire failing book I’ve read(but isn’t covered as such by any author) is the rise of liberal thinking. I’m not homophobic by any means nor do I think anything of it, but a huge rise in gay culture always precedes the fall. This one I cannot explain.

Other liberal risings are usually in politics(give x senator or x ruler more power) and dealing with the underprivileged. These empires always give an up to the underprivileged BUT it is always, and I mean ALWAYS the wrong ‘UP”. They never understand that if you give free things to the poor, they’re still poor just with more things even if money is among those things. They never teach them to be more able to buy these things nor do they ever provide ways for them to learn how. They just give them …free stuff, in exchange for their support. Result: They’re still poor but now expect everything to be handed to them.

As a result, the culture never progresses but instead regresses. The poor stop trying. In their minds “Why should they? Libtards are plentiful and will continue to give them free stuff but never provide them any way or method to escape poverty.

Because, deep down, liberals don’t know shit from shinola. They can easily think they do as it’s easy as hell to self delude yourself. They even think they’re doing some good and on a very short term level, they are. But in the long term they’re doing themselves, non liberals, the poor…well everyone serious harm.

So you don’t think that I have any ideas on how to help the poor instead, I’ll close this post out with ways.

1. Feed them until they can feed themselves. Don’t give them a handout and tell them “See ya next week”. The US has the most arable farmland in the world, find ways to utilize this. I don’t care if we have to go back to the days of tenant farming.

2. Teach them how to feed themselves. Education is important yet we pay our teachers barely enough to survive. In fact, any job that is a calling rather than a job we pay them diddly squat. (Police, teachers, firemen, etc.)School overcrowded? Use those tax dollars to open more! it’s a win win. More jobs, better education..and here’s the thing…Better education means more advances which means more jobs and more ways to improve your lot in life. Yay!

3. Shelter them until they can shelter themselves. A person cannot get out of the gutter if it’s his/her home. They’re exposed to the elements, the sheer depression of the situation, and cannot even bathe often enough. How can they rise from this? Simple answer: they can’t. What gets me is we have thousands and thousands of abandoned buildings everywhere yet we have homeless people? WTF?

4. Make sure they have clean water. This sounds simple but yet we still have problems providing it. I’m surprised that the old diseases of “rotgut” and the like haven’t reemerged. You need facilities and ways of making them clean as well. In short, sanitation must be always at it’s best and new ways constantly sought to improve it. How can we do this? IF you just read this question and are wondering, you obviously didn’t read the 2nd one of these. Go back and do so dammit!

A human needs first water, then food, then shelter then education to improve itself. It needs the first 3 so it can be well enough to learn the 4th. In return, the 4th improves the other 3. After that, everything else is gravy.


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