Who is Shadowcran?

I’m a man filled with free time. How? I’m 43 and disabled. No, don’t feel bad for me, feel jealous. Due to this, I can play video games as much as I like, sleep when I like, read what I like and I have tons of time to do it all.

Over the years I’ve played as “Shadowcran”, I’ve gathered a small following on specific games I’ve played as well as being applauded for my humorous views on politics.(A latin word. Poli meaning Many, tics meaning Bloodsuckers). Before we go on, I’m a conservative agnostic who can separate church and state easily as I don’t care anything for any church,lol.

I tend to know the video game genres of Card gaming, RPGs, and Strategy games like few other. This blog won’t have anything about shooters or action games or much beyond the 3 I mentioned. Why? I stink at them. Do you want advice from a legally blind man about Call of Duty? Of course not. If I played that, I’m the type of guy you would want on the opposing team. However, if you need someone to supply a military strategy, I might just be one of the best you can find.

Why? Because I’ve read more military strategy books than probably anyone you’ve ever met. That’s all I did as a kid. Borrowed these books from the public library and read them all the time. I keep up as much as I can as well.

I’ve also a good amount of knowledge on fantasy. Wheel of Time? Read it, all 14 books in the series(but not the others). Sword of Truth? Yep, read them all as well. Read a ton of Dragonlance and others as well. If your particular favorite isn’t covered by what I’ve read? Well, your job becomes to make me interested enough to do so(provided I have spare cash).

Now, this range of knowledge is making some people go “Shut in with no life”. Guess what? You nailed it. Who cares? I’m disabled and stay at home. I rarely go anywhere due to this. By most standards I truly have no life. So what? I don’t have to identify myself with regular society activity or be judged on how good is my ability to be noticed. I-DON’T-CARE about such things. Even when I wasn’t disabled I didn’t care about this.

I am a very civil person unless attacked. Sorry, I don’t play ignore, or play victim or sit back and just let it go, I fight back. Fair warning! As a civil person, I can be easy to chat with. As a person defending himself, I’m your worst verbal nightmare personified. I’m not even exaggerating.

Also, I will have things on this blog that will not be in my usual range. For instance, I’ve some damned good theories on just who was on the grassy knoll….well, I’ve one good theory. Hint: He wasn’t alive the day after the assassination. I’ve even some serious doubt whether we’ve ever landed on the moon, but this discussion is one that can go either way.

Why read my crap? Because I can be very insightful and often funny IF you get my sense of humor. I can hold my own in all kinds of debates. I’m not going to fill you with any sunshine, world is great type of junk or pictures of my cats(Although I AM a cat lover. With 3). I do believe the world is great if you find your niche or at least stuff to keep yourself occupied(I’m the latter). Instead I might direct your attention to a funny site or two.

Because I’m not a half empty person nor a half full. In fact, I’m of the type that resents putting things in only two categories as it’s insulting to our entire civilization and humanity. I’m a realist, who seeks ways to make the world better. That’s as limited as I can describe my views.

Will I be entertaining to you, the average person? Yeah, on subjects we agree and even disagree on. That enough for you to read more of me?

I hope so.

Eddie “Shadowcran” Riley


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