Immigration vs Illegal Immigration

In an effort to steal the upcoming election, the demoncrats(aka libtards), have opened the borders to let voters of the illegal persuasion in. This latest batch was inundated with criminals. Forget the melting pot, these guys stole it already and are probably cooking crack in it while I type this.

My problem isn’t with immigration, it’s illegal immigration, something libtards don’t seem to understand as they tag it as ‘racist’ regardless. I also have a problem with the immigration process as it’s overly long as are all things bureaucratic.

Who gives a rat’s ass if they know American History? That’s part of the process. Most of our kids today don’t know George Washington and Thomas Jefferson from George Jefferson. So why should immigrants learn this? These hispanics could probably guess better than our own students. If I had to choose the process, this is what they should know:

1. Enough English to pass. The basics. They don’t have to know about dangling participles and other crud that put me to sleep in school, they just need to know enough to get by. Most of this can be learned anyways as they live here. 1 year tops to learn this, but they can work while they learn it.

2. How to apply for a job. I’ve always wished job applications were all exactly alike so you could simply fill one out, then copy it and take them with you everywhere you go to apply for a job. Perhaps, with help, they can fill one out in English and copy it.

3. How to pay taxes. It’ll be deducted from their checks anyways. This money should be earmarked for (drum roll please), paying for the immigration process. To pay their taxes they simply have to go to the local immigration office and someone there will do the easy tax form for them. Most people in the US don’t know how to do these properly anyways.

4. basic laws. Unless you’ve been living in a cave, most everyone knows the real basic laws are based on common morality. A person will know not to kill or steal or sell drugs, but who gives a damn if they know not to jaywalk? The visa/green card should give them a year’s grace for these minor things.

All of these can be easily accomplished in a year, probably less. All of a sudden, they’re not illegal immigrants but instead BLAM! they are tax paying americans one and all. …well, they already WERE americans since S. America is America too, but US citizens and their acclimation process is actually easy to control.

Ok, so you have these hardworking Hispanics going through a easy process, what about those who don’t do it? You can guess right away, they’re criminals who don’t do it because they know doing so will get them deported. Solution is easy, deport them. Give tax breaks to those who report them. Better yet, turn them over to the proper Hispanic authorities as you deport them so they can send them through their legal process.

The taxes generated should cover all of this plus their kid’s schooling/school lunches etc. Instead of illegals making these things impossible for everyone, it instead just adds to it.

Take 2 people, one illegal, the other a US citizen. Add a brick to every burden added.

1. Add a brick to US citizen to pay for criminals. Their capture, imprisonment, etc. Actually add 3 bricks and add their lawyer fees to it. Add another for the court fees.

2. Add a brick to US citizen for paying for a child’s bus to school, another for his teacher, another for his lunch, another for his supplies.

3. Add a brick to US citizen paying for the illegal’s hospital fees. another for the ambulance, another for the doctor, another for the medicine.

Get the gist? Just allowing illegals in adds burdens to every US citizen. We haven’t even covered how they take away jobs for these US citizens to even begin to pay for their burdens. The Illegal is reaping tons of benefits while taking them away from US citizens. Now who is the insensitive bastard in this discussion? Those racist US citizens or the illegal? Never mind the fact that the US citizens are black, white, red, yellow, etc. they are always called ‘the racist’ in this discussion.

Make those illegals legal with my easy process and all of those burdens are basically gone. The illegals, becoming legal, pay for it themselves and earn a living while doing it besides. They’re not on welfare adding more burdens, they’re legally working. The teaching process would be done by working US citizens, thus creating ..tada..more jobs with more taxpayers! How can it lose? The government will find a way,,I’m sure.

This is all based on the KISS principle. KISS is short for “Keep it Simple, Stupid”. Of course, bureaucrats don’t want anything simple. They prefer everything to be convoluted to the point of insanity, complete with legalese so that nobody with any sense will understand. If I had my way, I’d outlaw legalese.

Take a channel no one watches, like C-Span 2 and turn it into a learning channel for immigrants going through the process. It would actually be more interesting than the crap it shows now.


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